5 Free Featured Spots on Concept Feedback: A Design Feedback Community

I was really excited to learn about this community, and it is a site I am going to make a point to be active on because I think that it is something that designers giving open critique can be valuable to the industry! Better design out there, happier clients, an all around better world to live in. :)

So what is Concept Feedback?

Concept Feedback is a free professional design review community. You post your website design, logo design, brochure layout, etc. and the community of designers comments with feedback on layout, color, usability, etc.

The service doesn’t require any money to get started. Creating a profile and posting feedback is free. If you would like to post work for the community to critique you have to earn it by giving feedback to other users. Depending on how valuable others find your feedback you get “reputation points,” which help those in the community gauge the value of your comments.

When I first looked over the site, I was expecting to just see comments like “nice job!” or “i don’t like that blue,” but there were some thought out, well reasoned and highly valuable criticisms being made! Don’t take my word for it, go check it out!

The Giveaway

Concept Feedback is now offering a “Premium Concept” feature for users who want to get maximum exposure for their concept.  Once a premium concept is live, it is featured on our homepage for 1 week, giving users maximum traffic and reviews.  We also personally invite our top members (highest reputation scores) to review the concept, ensuring top quality feedback.  You can find more details on premium concepts here.

The folks over at Concept Feedback is offering CMD+Shift Design Blog readers 5 free premium concepts! That’s 5 chances to get a spot ont he Concept Feedback homepage for a week for maximum interaction with their awesome community of designers!

How to Enter

1. Sign up for an account at Concept Feedback and add me as one of your contacts.

2. Tweet out a link to this Giveaway as follows: “RT @cmdshiftdesign 5 FREE Featured Spots on Concept Feedback, the Design Review Community! http://bit.ly/92FLln

3. Leave a comment here with your name, email and a link to your tweet and Concept Feedback profile!

You have until Thursday, December 10th at Midnight PST to enter. 5 lucky readers will be chosen at random the following Friday and will be contacted via Twitter!


  1. tweeeeeeeet

    I registered and added you as a contact but cant seem to find the link to my profile… hrmmm

    anyways im looking forward to giving and receiving feedback from other designers. Could use the ‘premium concept’ to get some feedback on a some logo ideas im working on… on on the redesign of my blog that i can never finish!


  2. i think it’s a really cool community, im bummed i didnt know about it sooner! Already started sending out my 2¢ on it and i will post up some work there down the road! :)

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