My Clients Make Me A Better Designer

Some of your may hear feedback from your clients on a design mock-up you present and want to claw your (or your clients,) eyes out! You worked really hard on this design and you love it, they should too! Well.. that isn’t always how it goes – an sometimes this is a good thing!

I know you think I’m insane, but here is why I say this…

Keeping Focus

This post is largely inspired by a current project I have going, and the events over the last 2 ¬†weeks where I created an initial design mock-up and then after going over it with my client – realized we hadn’t communicated with eachother well enough before the design process started and I had went down the wrong path.

What I ended up creating was something very cool – but, not right for the client – so cool or not, good design or not, if it isn’t right, you have to be willing to scarp it and readjust your focus!

Letting go of an idea can sometimes be really hard. I put a lot of work and passion into my design and when I show something to a client, I feel confident about it – so when I realize it’s not the right fit, it can be difficult to let go of something.. but it’s essential to do this in order to be able to focus in the right direction!

Pushing Yourself & Being Creative

Sometimes the first idea you have isn’t always your strongest, being pushed to look at things in a different way that your first instincts help you to be more creative! Sometimes the obvious solution is the right one, but not always! …Sometimes if you push yourself to be creative you will come upon the solution and thing “Oh duh! Why didn’t I come up with this an hour ago!?”


  1. I tend to think that fields like web design, programming, and engineering all require a continuous refinement process. Hardly anything is perfect the first time around, you tend to do things poorly and then optimize it to be much better in the long run unless you’re a master of your craft or something.

    Anytime I do a project I look forward to making small changes here and there to improve whatever I’m doing! ;)

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